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Payment Information

Uinta Veterinary Hospital prides itself on making sure that we can treat and diagnose your pets without having to refer them.  Our policy is that payment is due at the time of service.  We have different options in order to help customers most conveniently to fit their finances. 

Payment Methods

Cash or Check

We accept cash or check as payment options. 

Credit Card

Due to rising costs of credit cards we charge a $3.00 convenience fee for those that choose to use their card.  

Care Credit

Care Credit is a company that allows you to qualify for their credit card that can be used at most physicians, medical facilities and most veterinary hospitals.  If you wish to apply for a card please click below.  


We are offering Venmo payment as an option for those that do not wish to pay a convenience fee.  


Scratch Pay 

Scratch Pay is another method of payment that veterinary hospital can accept to help customers pay their vet bills.  Usually there is zero percent interest for a short amount of time.  Click the link below to apply.  

Interest Rate

The interest rate to carry an outstanding bill at our hospital is 21% annually or 1.75% each month with a minimum fee of $2.00 per invoice. 
Our interest rate is comparable to major credit card companies because we have staff and bills to also pay and therefore, we require you to pay at the time of service. 

We appreciate your diligence in this matter!  

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